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The Annie Moses Band’s new album, American Rhapsody, is a panoramic exploration of a musical melting pot, with tastes of Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Stephen Foster, sweeping arrangements of classic folk songs, and masterful originals. It is the magic of the American story—expansive, adventurous, and nature-loving—that inspired the album, the live concert, and the stunning visual depictions.

American Rhapsody is a collection of songscapes drawn from the scenery and history the Band has experienced while criss-crossing the country. The mountains and rivers, the grasslands, the wild West, the pilgrims and pioneers, the cowboys, the Native Americans, and the great Railroad that ultimately stitched it all together—all these are viewed through the lens of the Band’s personal stories.

“The Grass On the Prairie,” for example, begins with a vocal solo that segues into an instrumental representation of the wind in the grass. To capture the effect, the Band filmed in an 800-acre Audubon grasslands preserve in Nebraska. The epic song, “West, Pioneer!” unfolds in a time-lapse representation of a 3000 mile cross-country expedition — although not in a covered wagon. Inspired by a childhood memory, “Deep In the Fescue Meadow” exhibits exquisite poetic imagery and melodic lines while “Cherokee” paints a colorful ancestral portrait for the close-knit siblings that comprise the Annie Moses Band.

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