Every Park Needs A Lark That Sings

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Chock-a-block with childish glee, Every Park Needs A Lark That Sings is perfect for young parents, grandparents, or caregivers, who desire to optimize their child’s verbal fluency by lending an ear to the rhythm and rhyme of vivid poetry and beautiful music. Word-play, alliteration, and plenty of rhyme bring to life the simple wonders of a small person’s world. From “Six Little Chicks and Mother Hen” to a stunning musical rendition of the beloved “Skin Horse” passage from The Velveteen, (“What Is Real?”) it’s a world guaranteed to inspire adults children alike to listen, to hope, and to dare.


1. Every Park Needs A Lark That Sings

2. Dewdrop Chicks

3. Six Little Chicks & Mother Hen

4. I'm For The Birds

5. Hush Little Baby

6. Little Lamb, Who Made Thee

7. What Is Real

8. Love Me, I Love You

9. Sleep Baby Sleep

10. Hapily Ever After

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