The Song of Annie Moses

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A mother's extraordinary journey to honor her musical roots and instill God's wellspring of love in her children.

The Song of Annie Moses is the story of speaker, songwriter, and mother, Robin Donica Wolaver. It recounts how one mother, born in mountain poverty and seclusion, developed her musical heritage, and then led her children, through hard work and spiritual development, to The Juilliard School and ultimately to the founding of the Annie Moses Band -- igniting a fire of purpose and spiritual excellence within them. As families struggle to find their bearing and hold onto their roots, the story of her family is a testament to another way of living -- one that embraces timeless biblical truths amid our world today. A powerful book for parents.

The six children of the Annie Moses Band perform at over 80 concerts annually. The group's PBS special, 'Christmas with the Annie Moses Band,' received over 1,200 hours of airings. Their album,This Glorious Christmas, reached the top ten on Billboard Magazine's classical crossover chart. Their all-seasonal special, 'Pilgrims and Prodigals,' secured 178 national airings through DayStar, NRB, Sky Angel as well as PBS. Visit for more.

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